Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Weight loss journey - week one

Long time, no write.

I have been extremely slack with this blog, one post in almost 2 years! This is changing today!

I plan to start posting weekly updates, and will start weekly vlogs as well.

I have started the journey to a healthy weight and fitness this week.

I started consistently logging into myfitnesspal, only eating allowed calories and have also started 30 Day Shred (30DS). 

I am sticking with 2 days on, 1 day off with 30DS, so I don't put too much strain on my body - I have a lot to lose!

So far, I have have lost 600g/1.5lbs since Monday!

It has not been too difficult so far, although housework is a little neglected atm.

I will continue to post weekly updates, and when I post on my YouTube channel I'll link my vlogs.

If you want any further info on what I am currently doing to improve my health, or want to friend me on myfitnesspal, comment below and I'll try to address it in my next post.

Until next time,

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