Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Intro etc..

Hey there!
This is my first ever blogging experience, so be kind! I have a YouTube account MsCamigirl, which has a couple of videos on reviews and some boring camping/driving videos too.

Some info about me -

  • I am 28, live in Melbourne, Australian
  • I spend quite a bit on makeup crap (as my boyfriend calls it!). Not as much as some bloggers, but more than I should!
  • I am currently using a crappy usb keyboard, as i spilled beer on my laptop so bear with me til it's replaced please.

Ok, what I am hoping to do with this blog is have a text version of my YouTube videos, as well as some other everyday stuff.

Obviously I am pretty new to this, so any feedback/comments (of a constructive nature) would be greatly appreciated.


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