Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Weight loss Journey - Week Two

Hi all!

I've taken to weighing myself twice a week, as I started this journey on a Monday but didn't start documenting on this blog and You Tube until the following Thursday.      

Since last weeks post, I have lost 1.7 kg/ 3.7 lbs!

I'm pretty impressed with this figure, as I had a pretty average weekend on eating/exercise.

In total, since December 2nd, I have lost 2.3 kg/ 5 lbs.

On Saturday I went to Cuckoo Restaurant (smorgasbord) for my mums birthday. I actually ate a lot better than I have previous times I have visited a smorgasbord, but still went over my calories. I didn't do any exercise from Saturday until Wednesday, but stayed pretty close to my calorie target.

I haven't done 30DS since last week, as I got a little lazy over the weekend and have lost a bit of motivation to do it. I did do a You Tube workout yesterday and today on the PopSugar Fitness Channel. While it didn't push me as much as 30DS (it was only 10 minutes), I still got my heart rate up and burnt some calories. You Tube fitness channels seem like a great idea, as you can get heaps of different types of workouts and prevent boredom.

I also wrote up a list of weight loss and fitness goals that I want to achieve. I put some rewards with them, so I have something (other than weight loss, of course) to look forward to. When I have hit my first goal, I will share the list, as I might have to modify the time frame depending on how I'm tracking.

I haven't taken any pictures this week, as i can't imagine there is any visible change yet. I will put up some next week.

I have my first installment of my weight loss journey up on You Tube now. It has a bit more detail than my last blog post, but I will try to keep the content similar from now on.

Until next time,


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