Monday, 30 November 2015

Weight loss journey - beginning again

Obviously my vow to post more regularly has not worked out! But in good news I am down over 20kg/44lbs!

I've obviously stopped and started a few times, otherwise I'd almost be at my goal, but at least scales are not going up!

I've started doing some fitness blender workouts again which I like as there is a huge selection for all levels and types of workouts.

I'm not sure how I will go next year, as we will be travelling the country the whole year. I am planning on getting lots of hikes and walks in, as well as kayaking and swimming.

I would like to be close to my goal of around 65kg by next December, but as long as I continue to lose I'll be happy 😃

My focus at the moment is to increase my vegetables and fruits, cut down on my ridiculous intake of pasta and bread and walk at least a kilometre a day.

I will check back in around Christmas to share how I'm tracking.